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Mentioned View.decorators in the views docs

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@@ -135,3 +135,24 @@ easily do that. Each HTTP method maps to a function with the same name
That way you also don't have to provide the
:attr:`~flask.views.View.methods` attribute. It's automatically set based
on the methods defined in the class.
+Decorating Views
+Since the view class itself is not the view function that is added to the
+routing system it does not make much sense to decorate the class itself.
+Instead you either have to decorate the return value of
+:meth:`~flask.views.View.as_view` by hand::
+ view = rate_limited(UserAPI.as_view('users'))
+ app.add_url_rule('/users/', view_func=view)
+Starting with Flask 0.8 there is also an alternative way where you can
+specify a list of decorators to apply in the class declaration::
+ class UserAPI(MethodView):
+ decorators = [rate_limited]
+Due to the implicit self from the caller's perspective you cannot use
+regular view decorators on the individual methods of the view however,
+keep this in mind.

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