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Added example for context bound objects to the testing docs. This fixes

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.. _MiniTwit Example:
+Other Testing Tricks
+Besides using the test client we used above there is also the
+:meth:`~flask.Flask.test_request_context` method that in combination with
+the `with` statement can be used to activate a request context
+temporarily. With that you can access the :class:`~flask.request`,
+:class:`~flask.g` and :class:`~flask.session` objects like in view
+functions. Here a full example that showcases this::
+ app = flask.Flask(__name__)
+ with app.test_request_context('/?name=Peter'):
+ assert flask.request.path == '/'
+ assert flask.request.args['name'] == 'Peter'
+All the other objects that are context bound can be used the same.

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