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rduplain committed Jan 17, 2012
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@@ -23,6 +23,18 @@ Relase date to be decided, codename to be chosen.
- Session is now stored after callbacks so that if the session payload
is stored in the session you can still modify it in an after
request callback.
+- The :class:`flask.Flask` class will avoid importing the provided import name
+ if it can (the required first parameter), to benefit tools which build Flask
+ instances programmatically. The Flask class will fall back to using import
+ on systems with custom module hooks, e.g. Google App Engine, or when the
+ import name is inside a zip archive (usually a .egg) prior to Python 2.7.
+- Blueprints now have a decorator to add custom template filters application
+ wide, :meth:`flask.Blueprint.app_template_filter`.
+- The Flask and Blueprint classes now have a non-decorator method for adding
+ custom template filters application wide,
+ :meth:`flask.Flask.add_template_filter` and
+ :meth:`flask.Blueprint.add_app_template_filter`.
Version 0.8.1

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