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Documented exception catching behaviour. This fixes #75

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@@ -1090,6 +1090,16 @@ def run(self, host='', port=5000, **options):
:attr:`debug` flag is set the server will automatically reload
for code changes and show a debugger in case an exception happened.
+ .. admonition:: Keep in Mind
+ Flask will supress any server error with a generic error page
+ unless it is in debug mode. As such to enable just the
+ interactive debugger without the code reloading, you ahve to
+ invoke :meth:`run` with ``debug=True`` and ``use_reloader=False``.
+ Setting ``use_debugger`` to `True` without being in debug mode
+ won't catch any exceptions because there won't be any to
+ catch.
:param host: the hostname to listen on. set this to ``''``
to have the server available externally as well.
:param port: the port of the webserver

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