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Add code organization help to tutorial doc.

As suggested by burhan on #pocoo today.
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@@ -39,3 +39,19 @@ environments. That special :data:`~flask.g` object does some magic behind
the scenes to ensure it does the right thing.
Continue to :ref:`tutorial-views`.
+.. hint:: Where do I put this code?
+ If you've been following along in this tutorial, you might be wondering
+ where to put the code from this step and the next. A logical place is to
+ group these module-level functions together, and put your new
+ ``before_request`` and ``teardown_request`` functions below your existing
+ ``init_db`` function (following the tutorial line-by-line).
+ If you need a moment to find your bearings, take a look at how the `example
+ source`_ is organized. In Flask, you can put all of your application code
+ into a single Python module. You don't have to, and if your app :ref:`grows
+ larger <larger-applications>`, it's a good idea not to.
+.. _example source:

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