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@@ -10,15 +10,15 @@ Welcome to Flask
Welcome to Flask's documentation. This documentation is divided into
different parts. I recommend that you get started with
:ref:`installation` and then head over to the :ref:`quickstart`.
-Besides the quickstart there is also a more detailed :ref:`tutorial` that
+Besides the quickstart, there is also a more detailed :ref:`tutorial` that
shows how to create a complete (albeit small) application with Flask. If
you'd rather dive into the internals of Flask, check out
the :ref:`api` documentation. Common patterns are described in the
:ref:`patterns` section.
Flask depends on two external libraries: the `Jinja2`_ template
engine and the `Werkzeug`_ WSGI toolkit. These libraries are not documented
-here. If you want to dive into their documentation check out the
+here. If you want to dive into their documentation, check out the
following links:
- `Jinja2 Documentation <>`_

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