Flask ignore FLASK_STATIC_FOLDER setted outside of constructor. #1126

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If I do following:

app = Flaks(__name__, static_folder='/var/www/static')

all works just fine, but if I do

class Config(object):
    FLASK_STATIC_FOLDER = '/var/www/static'

app = Flask(__name__)

current_app.send_static_file can't find static file. Is it any difference between those two settings?


As far as I know there is no way of setting this from a config file.

You could do it yourself if you have an application factory and set it from there.

Also, why not use /static and then map that with the webserver to point directly to the static files? It would be a lot faster to have the web server send these files.


@pjuu is correct


We use application factory. We setup webserver to serve static files. I notice this behaviour during refactoring of some project today and just want to know is it correct or not.


That's not too bad then. At least you have the answer :D


Thanks for help!

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