Review Flask-Peewee for listing, then approval. #328

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I'll first review the extension for listing based on Flask extension patterns, then open the floor for those in the community to review the extension for approval.


Thanks for opening the issue for me, wasn't sure where to go after bugging you guys in IRC!


You have the correct process:

  • announce extension to other developers on mailing list and/or IRC
  • request core team to review for listing and approval

I post the issues here so that we can be transparent about extensions which are under review, and to keep a clear backlog of what needs to be done.

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@rduplain rduplain List Flask-Peewee, #328. fe7b725

Code organization and project layout overall looks excellent. I'm listing the extension now, which based on your commit log was ready for listing some time ago (for listing, I'm only looking for stable packaging and clear public APIs). For an approved listing, Flask-Peewee does not yet meet guidelines 1, 3, and 10.

For 1, it has many modules inside flaskext, but should instead have everything inside the flask_peewee (preferred) or flaskext.peewee (legacy) namespace. For the flask_peewee case, it would not need to be a namespace package. The shortest fix is to rename flaskext as it stands now to flask_peewee.

For 3, Flask-Peewee needs to support application factories. This should be just a matter of adding Database.init_app and having the Database __init__ work without an app object. Of course, init_app would need to be called before Database could do it's work. See the extenstiondev doc, further up from the guidelines for details on init_app, and refer to Flask-SQLAlchemy if needed.

For 10, Python 2.5 breaks, starting with the with statement. (need to import with_statement)

PS - I was reviewing against a checkout of code from last night -- I see a lot of Flask-Peewee activity today.


Thanks for your notes, they were very helpful and I will be working to address the issues you've mentioned.

  1. Have renamed and pushed new version that does a normal python package called flask_peewee.
  2. I find it a little odd that this is a requirement, it seems like if something in my extension depends on an application object then it shouldn't be possible to instantiate without it. To make it not depend on an application object is to subvert the intent/purpose of the object. The implementation seems gross, too. To avoid circular imports in my own projects, I structure them like I do in the example app that ships with flask_peewee.
  3. Added from future statements in relevant modules

Python 2.5 still breaks
You use json module in, but it is available only from Python 2.6.
I think you should add simplejson to the dependencies.


I believe this should fix it:


Yes, problem solved.


Hey, just wanted to let you know the docs url on is incorrect.

Should be:

The Pallets Projects member

please refile against

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