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justquick commented May 16, 2010

What would it take to get Flask up and running with Python 3? I heard you got Jinja2 up and running on py3k but I am less sure about Werkzeug and the WSGI spec in general for Python 3. Have you put any thought into it or had any luck trying to accomplish it?


mitsuhiko commented May 16, 2010

Not started yet. I have a talk at about that topic and I will collect some experiences from other people there. After that, I might start porting.


justquick commented May 16, 2010

Lovely. I have experience writing applications that are both py2 and py3 compatible. Flask seems like an easy app to port over, it is just werkzeug (and even WSGI in general) that seems like the bottleneck. Let me know once you have a gameplan for porting and I will be more than willing to help.

tsarna commented Feb 21, 2011

Now that PEP3333 and Python 3.2 are out, what are the plans for this?


mitsuhiko commented Feb 21, 2011

Maybe a topic for sprinting at pycon or some work for google summer of code. Who knows ;)

Poincare commented Aug 9, 2011

Any developments on this idea?


mitsuhiko commented Aug 9, 2011

If people want to work on it, go ahead. Currently our focus is more on making Flask/Werkzeug/Jinja2 work better with PyPy than Python 3 since this is what we consider a more reasonable platform for the next years. That being said, I don't have anything against a Python 3 version and we're refactoring code to make porting easier.

Okay. Do you think a ROADMAP file would be helpful in this scenario?


untitaker commented Mar 4, 2013

There's WIP in porting Werkzeug to Python 3, but many decisions regarding Unicode vs. Bytestrings have yet to be made. Also all commits need to be closely reviewed, because with a freshly ported, unstable testsuite, it's very easy to make errors.

(This is just what i comprehended. Feel free to correct me @RonnyPfannschmidt)


DasIch commented Jun 19, 2013

Flask now supports 3.3

DasIch closed this Jun 19, 2013

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