Blueprints Example Broken in Docs #403

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espeed commented Feb 14, 2012

The Blueprints example on is broken because it doesn't include the templates_folder param, which evidently is required now because templates_folder defaults to None (


  • James

Thanks for catching that. template_folder was listed further down the page, but that example was indeed broken.

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espeed commented Feb 14, 2012

NP. It might be helpful to put a full working Blueprints example app in /examples and link it from the docs so people can visualize the structure.


Would a directory listing in the docs suffice?

If not, we could add the very simple page blueprint to the examples directory, and add tests to keep with the precedent. #68 is the larger version of that, with the goal to provide a complete example.

espeed commented Feb 15, 2012

Sometimes it's to easier to show than describe. A simple app in the examples directory would go a long way to shore up some of the confusion surrounding how Blueprints differs from the old Flask way. While there are multiple ways to use Blueprints, a solid example would show what was in mind when it was designed.

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