Context not available when combining decorators and generators #508

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In some application I was writing I created a decorator to allow for streaming responses:

def stream(*args, **kwargs):
    def wrapper(f):
        def wrapped(*a, **kw):
            return flask.Response(f(*a, **kw), *args, **kwargs)

        return wrapped

    return wrapper

and another one to JSON'ify the response:

def jsonify(f):
            'Cache-Control': 'no-cache',
    def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
        res = f(*args, **kwargs)

        for chunk in json.JSONEncoder().iterencode(res):
            yield chunk

    return wrapped

Using these on handlers which require access to a context fails though:

RuntimeError: working outside of request context

Full example with some ok and not-ok handers is available at

dAnjou commented Jun 25, 2012

I think, my issue is caused by the same problem. Here is a failing example with full traceback. Mind the comment.


mitsuhiko commented Jun 27, 2012

That's currently intended behavior. Not sure if we should provide a way to extend the context's lifetime.


mitsuhiko commented Jun 27, 2012

0.9 now provides a method called stream_with_context that allows you to preserve the context until the request truly ends.

@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko closed this Jun 27, 2012

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