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The 'Pluggable Views' documentation includes the line

app.add_url_rule('/users/', ShowUsers.as_view('show_users'))

but isn't the second parameter to add_url_rule the 'name', and the third parameter the view_func?


That example is correct. endpoint and view_func are kw arguments. If the endpoint is not given it is assumed to be the name of the view function. Here is the documentation for URL Route Registration


But looking in for flask 0.9 the line reads

def add_url_rule(self, rule, endpoint=None, view_func=None, **options)

So isn't 'view_func' the 3rd (or 4th if you count self) argument?
Since it isn't being passed as a kw arg in the example, then won't it be assumed to be 'endpoint'?


Oh I am sorry, you are absolutely correct. /me Runs off to scrutinize the code further. That would also make the example at the very bottom of the URL Route Registration incorrect as well

app.add_url_rule('/', index)
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