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Added link to issue tracker from main page and community page.

mitsuhiko added some commits Apr 21, 2010
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko New website; with mailinglist archives. ca2d32a
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko zine -> flask e781118
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Moved website into separate branch cdb17c5
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added readme for website branch 3898cb8
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fine tuned stylesheet. 2292dc0
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added website as example a0c1928
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added trailing slashes for consistency with docs. a335741
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Changed link title eb07ffe
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Smaller fonts on the 404 page 2228ddc
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed typo aa3d193
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added documentation links. 8316afa
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Higher margins for the website. 9224212
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Updated website to support a snippet archive. ef7818e
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Converted app into a package 904fe68
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added some openid code. a81cf3a
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added snippet database to the website. 0ab7a9c
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Refactored config a bit 63cb27a
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added style for select boxes 5edebda
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a bug on the website that caused the category to get lost on
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Improved snippets category view. 7f82ce5
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added colon 9cc86c7
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Properly close db sessions. 12bf959
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Would be good if i remember my own apis. 44988d0
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Moved relations for nicer code. 7ba6922
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Do not require the title 1d2a1b0
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enable unicode for database communication. 0eb51c1
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added separate picture for edit-snippet. 2167d2b
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added missing file. 6be090f
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a few bugs. eac73e3
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Atom feeds for snippets. 749e9ce
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added word wrapping to email view 7af20c1
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed pagination ffc4c80
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a bug 8a5b861
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Linked to bitbucket too. aa072d2
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed an escaping bug aeb3d32
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added extension registry a2fe635
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added flask-extension-wizard link. c882905
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Flask-XML-RPC e3a7383
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Updated logo for new slogan. 45df60c
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Admin interface for snippets 53ce827
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko removed bitbucket because that repo is broken right now 57fd968
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Twitter to index page 39eb088
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a bug 2ea7bff
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Disabled images in creole f1d7abe
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Finally fixed pluralization of timedelta formatting aa79c72
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added snippet admin and profile editing d87cbff
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added profile images. Literally. 1c5db9a
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Switch to url_for :) 9e5de55
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Finished up URL changes 57e7db8
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Improved twitter search on website. 33bb6de
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Website update. There is now a community section. 2fb50e5
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko WTF? dd849f4

Worry not, I only had a laugh. :)

mitsuhiko and others added some commits May 31, 2010
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Linked to extension development docs 763f701
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enlisted flask-mail ff65997
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a typo 6fa313e
@jgraeme jgraeme Fix typos in the community index template edd7928
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added SQLAlchemy to the extensions 9ecd7de
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enlisted Flask-CouchDB 5abc9d5
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a HTMl error b5a746a
@florentx florentx Fix issue #66 and 2 other typos. a260cc3
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Merge branch 'website' of into website d7d99fa
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added make deploy functionality edaa78b
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko deploy is a phony target e100ed9
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko 0.4 is latest ab0776d
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko linked new license text 04adbbe
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Switch to Flask-OpenID 1.0 6ac44a1
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added simple workaround for linking dd8e100
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Flask-WTF d3bdcb4
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Listed Flask-Testing b6c5645
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko 0.5.1 is the new hotness 5d17144
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Listed Flask-Script 89d22c6
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enlisted Flask-Uploads 513a876
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added a list of websites to ad55cb7
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Refactored website 857f5a8
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added another one cada3d8
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed literal 7d022b2
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a slug problem 02fbe43
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed title as well 036d9f5
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Actual fix 387381f
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enlisted 26d2589
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Flask-Themes 5378f67
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enlisted uebersuggest c442011
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed an invalid literal 7a058c6
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added support for retreiving extensions as JSON 8547fde
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko More API 63001a7
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added approved flag to extensions 3289146
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Do not expose mail addresses d039e5d
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Removed extension dev part on website, now part of docs 4d8b541
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko More API fun 7fcdcf9
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added missing file 3ec22fc
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Require that json with higher q than text/html to switch to API c509da2
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Flask-SQLAlchemy is now an approved extension 339bca6
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Delisted flask-urls, enlisted Flask-CouchDBKit 8a54dd4
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Flask-Creole to the list of approved extensions 77b90f7
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Meetup Meeter to the list of websites e77b7f6
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko I am mitsuhiko, and I approve this message. Genshi is now an approved…
… extension
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added @font-face f035aac
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Approved Flask-Script 38dc484
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Set the approved bit for Flask-CouchDB e4e678f
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added link to the spreadshirt store 271f623
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Approved WTF and Testing bb1eb7a
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added stars for approved extensions bc0034f
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Forgot 0.6 link eeb924c
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Set approve bit for Flask-Uploads and Flask-Themes 9b6cd28
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added newsmeme e0bb843
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Approved Flask-Mail 1bd812f
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Approved Flask-XML-RPC 582c5af
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added emailed me to the lists of apps powered by flask 005b740
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added another two projects to the listing 407af8f
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Another website 58f32b0
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added to the list of Flask powered websites 5c1562a
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added ThadeusB's website c450a26
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added to flask powered websites ce20115
@DasIch DasIch Add 'was it up?' to the flask powered websites c80be06
@cgrinds cgrinds Add blueslug to the flask powered websites 2d7ab7f
Dan Jacob Add Flask-Cache to extensions e377aee
Dan Jacob added Flask-Principal da549b5
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added eugen's blog 3c1ba19
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Moved an item for testing purposes 011de4c
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added comiker 53ad5cc
@passy passy Added to flask powered websites 0651a7c
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added another project 79f1b89
@dag dag Flask-Genshi moved to GitHub
Signed-off-by: Armin Ronacher <>
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko New version 44539c2
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed two name errors a0b266d
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed a typo 90d5a4e
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added Papyrus Research to the listing 49cbd1c
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Enlisted Viewfinder 1543288
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added dominion 205201b
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added jitviewer bbc9243
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added link to the feedback website 24487e3
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added a bunch of new extensions from pypi 1f55658
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added some new projects 9ab5bda
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Fixed extension listing 7b4f633
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko Added more websites 925eaca
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko pizje.ns-keip added f82d04e
@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko one more a2add46
@baijum baijum Link issue tracker prominently 690ef67
The Pallets Projects member

Something went wrong with that pull request, but worry not, I found the useful commit :) Thanks

This issue was closed.
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