Allow passing additional `send_file` options to `app.send_static_file` #292

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jab commented Aug 4, 2011

Hi Armin, I'm implementing a send_static_file_versioned view (which gets urls like /vstatic/<versionstamp>/<path>) and I would like it to just return app.send_static_file(filename, cache_timeout=HUGE) but that function does not currently accept the additional options that flask.helpers.send_file accepts. I believe this patch would accomplish what I'm looking for. Would it make sense to merge back into flask?


mitsuhiko commented Aug 4, 2011

Since send_static_file is a view function/method I don't think it makes sense to forward arbitrary keyword arguments there. If you want to customize it, override it in a subclass or bypass that function directly.

@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko closed this Aug 4, 2011


jab commented Aug 4, 2011

works for me, thanks Armin.

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