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                         / Flaskr /

                 a minimal blog application

    ~ What is Flaskr?

      A sqlite powered thumble blog application

    ~ How do I use it?

      1. edit the configuration in the file or
         export a FLASKR_SETTINGS environment variable
         pointing to a configuration file or pass in a
         dictionary with config values using the create_app

      2. install the app from the root of the project directory

         pip install --editable .

      3. instruct flask to use the right application

         export FLASK_APP="flaskr.factory:create_app()"

      4. initialize the database with this command:

         flask initdb

      5. now you can run flaskr:

         flask run

         the application will greet you on

    ~ Is it tested?

      You betcha.  Run `python test` to see
      the tests pass.