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* Converts example/flaskr to have a

Makes the flaskr app easier to run, ex. workflow:
- pip install --editable .
- export FLASK_APP=flaskr.flaskr
- flask initdb
- flask run

Testing is also easier now:
- python test

* Fixed an import error in flaskr/tests

- the statement `import flaskr` caused errors in python3
- `from . import flaskr` fixes the issue in 2.7.11 and 3.5.1

* Better project structure and updates the docs

- Re-factors *flaskr*'s project structure a bit
- Updates docs to make sense with the new structure
  - Adds a new step about installing Flask apps with setuptools
  - Switches first-person style writing to second-person (reads better IMO)
  - Adds segments in *testing.rst* for running tests with setuptools

* Remove from tests

- py.test recommends not using

* Fix testing import errors


                         / Flaskr /

                 a minimal blog application

    ~ What is Flaskr?

      A sqlite powered thumble blog application

    ~ How do I use it?

      1. edit the configuration in the file or
         export an FLASKR_SETTINGS environment variable
         pointing to a configuration file.

      2. install the app from the root of the project directory

         pip install --editable .

      3. Instruct flask to use the right application

         export FLASK_APP=flaskr.flaskr

      4. initialize the database with this command:

         flask initdb

      5. now you can run flaskr:

         flask run

         the application will greet you on

    ~ Is it tested?

      You betcha.  Run `python test` to see
      the tests pass.