Latest commit 5f00937 Aug 22, 2016 @wgwz wgwz committed with untitaker Update minitwit & improve testing for examples (#1954)
* Update minitwit & improve testing for examples

* Related to #1945
* Re-works minitwit to be installed and run as:

    pip install --editable .
    export FLASK_APP=minitwit.minitwit
    export FLASK_DEBUG=1
    flask initdb
    flask run

* added flaskr and minitwit to norecursedirs
  * tests not properly run when using pytest standards
  * see:
* Both flaskr and minitwit now follow pytest standards.
* Tests can for them as `py.test` or `python test`

* Update minitwit readme

* updates the instructions for running

* Fixes for updating the minitwit example

- This reverts the changes to the *docs/* (I will file separate PR).
- Running the app is now: `export FLASK_APP=minitwit` & `flask run`
  (After installing the app)

* Remove unnecessary comma from flaskr/


                        / MiniTwit /

           because writing todo lists is not fun

    ~ What is MiniTwit?

      A SQLite and Flask powered twitter clone

    ~ How do I use it?

      1. edit the configuration in the file or
         export an MINITWIT_SETTINGS environment variable
         pointing to a configuration file.

      2. tell flask about the right application:

         export FLASK_APP=minitwit

      2. fire up a shell and run this:

         flask initdb

      3. now you can run minitwit:

         flask run

         the application will greet you on

    ~ Is it tested?

      You betcha.  Run the `python test` file to
      see the tests pass.