PyCon 2012 Sprint

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My name is Ron, and I'm running the Flask sprint at PyCon 2012.

All experience levels welcome (seriously!). Location: Bayshore. Channel: #pocoo on freenode IRC. -- Committers will be present at the sprint, to integrate anything you can contribute. :-)


Add IIS deployment documentation. Expand documentation for Windows.

Work through Issue Trackers

Look for open issues and comment, close, and fix. Ask questions if anything is unclear, in person at the sprint or directly on the issue.

See these issue trackers:

Extension Review

At it's core, Flask itself isn't changing much. But there are plenty of extensions which could use attention, and other ideas out there to build new extensions. We also need to update the extension registry and approve extensions.

Make sure all extensions which you can find are in the registry driving this page: -- note that extensions which are alpha are sometimes in the registry, but not listed. I (Ron) will show you how to work with the registry; it's a .py file.

Review these extensions, -- We list extensions with clear APIs and some starter documentation. We approve extensions which meet these requirements:

The registry is in the website branch of the Flask repo:

... which becomes:

To update: We need to be clear that extensions may depend on other extensions. However, an approved extension may not depend on unapproved extensions.

Extension Love

Give love to any of the extensions on which I (Ron) am a maintainer:

  • Flask-Celery
  • Flask-CouchDB
  • Flask-Mail
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • Flask-Script
  • Flask-Solr (unreleased)
  • Flask-Testing
  • Flask-Uploads
  • Flask-WTF

Build a Web Application for Continuous Integration / Buildbot

We have a dedicated build server called flaskbot which is configured with buildbot. No one uses it. It has too much data, and we could use Buildbot's JSON APIs to build very useful views of the state of the Flask core and all of the Flask extensions.

Here's the buildbot:


Idea: Build URLs across Flask instances.

For Ron to Integrate:

The Quickstart

kevinburke #427 Review the current quickstart to evaluate the user experience. Any overhaul, or just some updates? Add a deployment quickstart, to help new users feel as though they accomplished something by deploying an application and not just listening on a local port. Heroku is an option here. All of this might mean that we split up the quick start into multiple pages.


Work through Issue Trackers

wilsaj: Went through and created issues (if verified) in the bug tracker. Misc doc fixes. Updated poweredby page so it doesn't require urls for source-code only projects. Added '_' support to werkzeug debugger.

garbados: Changed some of the writing in the docs to improve clarity.

njl: Half-a-dozen little bug fixes to Jinja2, Werkzeug, and Flask.

jamesls: Fixed a small flask bug, reviewed a few extensions (bcrypt/testing), updated the docs for writing a flask extension, wrote the Flask-Shelve extension.