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@jstutters jstutters Flask-WTF now uses WTF_CSRF_ENABLED and WTF_CSRF_SECRET_KEY. Jul 28, 2015 58afb52
@bubanoid bubanoid A typo. I placed THREADS_PER_PAGE instead of THREADS_PAGE. Jul 15, 2015 5bfa89d
@shuairan shuairan fix small typo: show path+filename for secret_key file Nov 1, 2014 8419bbc
@untitaker untitaker Add warning Sep 14, 2014 19fa417
@untitaker untitaker Revert "Destroyed Large app how to (markdown)" This reverts commit 7a9e99d4ced741cff41527e01b8aeed029579662. Sep 14, 2014 05fd2ca
@untitaker untitaker Revert "I was referred here by StackOverflow, but the wiki page disappeared, so here is a new one." This reverts commit 700be245fd05f6865e141155482c749ca1bdf986. Sep 14, 2014 25a6576
scholarly I was referred here by StackOverflow, but the wiki page disappeared, so here is a new one. Sep 14, 2014 700be24
@untitaker untitaker Updated Home (textile) Aug 28, 2014 e460494
@DasIch DasIch Destroyed Large app how to (markdown) Jul 27, 2014 7a9e99d
@decached decached base.html instead of base.py as it is a Jinja template Jun 16, 2014 0719095
@insha insha Minor update to how the secret key is generated in the production environment. Mar 26, 2014 86aedf7
@mpvharmelen mpvharmelen Updated Home (textile) Nov 10, 2013 bfe6ebc
@leeleilei leeleilei add the tip for SQLAlchemy db and model namespace Sep 6, 2013 b54ca63
@brotatos brotatos DataRequired -> Required Aug 29, 2013 5d7ab33
geoffjukes Changed 'Required' (undefined) to 'DataRequired' per the other fields. Aug 27, 2013 42b4a2d
@0x434d53 0x434d53 The Recaptcha Keys have not been valid. Aug 22, 2013 a6fff39
@0x434d53 0x434d53 Updated Large app how to (markdown) Aug 22, 2013 df7487b
@dashorty dashorty password = db.Column(db.String(20)) change to db.String(120) to save password correctly. Jul 21, 2013 9617745
@brooksbp brooksbp Add a `/app/templates/users/profile.html` Jun 29, 2013 468d17c
@dancole dancole User attributes are supposed to be keyword arguments Jun 29, 2013 cb0c689
Alex Couper Remove semi colon (!) May 31, 2013 8e5e16c
Alex Couper Fix grammar. May 31, 2013 fe3ce7d
Alex Couper Pep8 change to the CSRF settings. May 31, 2013 011785f
@yyexplore yyexplore Revert fe86142ef04f5c90643627e27371cf5941a530c8 ... a1a6193e8f082f7a6f7db886fc0d38d7c38af541 Apr 1, 2013 1de522d
@yyexplore yyexplore Revert 0ead931112281eac87eebe09aeb1f24764adc9db ... fe86142ef04f5c90643627e27371cf5941a530c8 Apr 1, 2013 a1a6193
@tgpatel tgpatel The fieldname for the EqualTo validator for the confirm field was confirm itself. Changed it to password. Feb 7, 2013 fe86142
@bool-dev bool-dev fixed some grammatical errors, some spelling mistakes, a bit of formatting, some code-highlighting, placeholder for testing section Jan 7, 2013 0a41588
@riturajD riturajD corrected links that used the incorrect markdown syntax. Dec 7, 2012 09319a5
@finbarrocallaghan finbarrocallaghan Updated Large app how to (markdown) Sep 6, 2012 9554e5d
@kanzure kanzure usefull -> useful Jul 22, 2012 b28417a