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Updated documentation to reflect the new speedups installation behavior.

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@@ -37,6 +37,13 @@ that can create python extensions should be installed for the debugger. If no
C-compiler is available and you are using Python 2.4 the `ctypes`_ module
should be installed.
+If you don't have a working C compiler and you are trying to install the source
+release you will get a compiler error. This however can be circumvented by
+passing the ``--without-speedups`` command line argument to the setup script.
+For more details about that have a look at the :ref:`disable-speedups`
+section below.
.. _ctypes:
@@ -49,13 +56,17 @@ with the Python egg or tarball.
As a Python egg (via easy_install)
-You can install the most recent Jinja2 version using `easy_install`_::
+You can install the most recent Jinja2 version using `easy_install`_ or `pip`_::
sudo easy_install Jinja2
+ sudo pip install Jinja2
This will install a Jinja2 egg in your Python installation's site-packages
+(If you are installing from the windows command line omit the `sudo` and make
+sure to run the command as user with administrator rights)
From the tarball release
@@ -86,11 +97,32 @@ snapshot::
sudo easy_install Jinja2==dev
+Or the new `pip`_ command::
+ sudo pip install Jinja2==dev
.. _download page:
.. _setuptools:
.. _easy_install:
+.. _pip:
.. _mercurial:
+.. _disable-speedups:
+Disable the speedups Module
+By default Jinja2 will try to compile the speedups module. This of course
+will fail if you don't have the Python headers or a working compiler. This
+is often the case if you are installing Jinja2 from a windows machine.
+You can disable the speedups extension when installing using the
+``--without-speedups`` flag::
+ sudo python install --without-speedups
+You can also pass this parameter to `easy_install` or `pip`.
Basic API Usage

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