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Fix typos and one extra import.

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1 parent 2f0d659 commit 95632c4dae693127340221f7eed11f68953db4c3 @birkenfeld birkenfeld committed Nov 22, 2009
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4 jinja2/
@@ -288,8 +288,8 @@ def overlay(self, block_start_string=missing, block_end_string=missing,
loader=missing, cache_size=missing, auto_reload=missing,
"""Create a new overlay environment that shares all the data with the
- current environment except of cache and the overriden attributes.
- Extensions cannot be removed for a overlayed environment. A overlayed
+ current environment except of cache and the overridden attributes.
+ Extensions cannot be removed for an overlayed environment. An overlayed
environment automatically gets all the extensions of the environment it
is linked to plus optional extra extensions.
2 jinja2/
@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ def urlize(text, trim_url_limit=None, nofollow=False):
def generate_lorem_ipsum(n=5, html=True, min=20, max=100):
"""Generate some lorem impsum for the template."""
from jinja2.constants import LOREM_IPSUM_WORDS
- from random import choice, random, randrange
+ from random import choice, randrange
words = LOREM_IPSUM_WORDS.split()
result = []

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