Making templatetk a dependency of Jinja #179

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untitaker commented Feb 16, 2013

13:21:06 untitaker | Hello, could Jinja make use of Armin's templatetk? And why doesn't it?
13:22:06    ronny_ | untitaker, jinja was created before templatetk
13:22:16 untitaker | As i see it now, we have two Jinja parsers: One in jsonjinja, one in jinja2. We also have two AST implementations (!):
                   | One in jinja, one in templatetk
13:22:41 untitaker | ronny_: Are there any plans to make templatetk a dep?
13:22:52    ronny_ | no idea
13:23:04    ronny_ | ask armin
13:23:35 untitaker | The thing i hope for is that in the end, jsonjinja can parse more stuff, since it uses the same AST and parser as
                   | Jinja2.

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