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excerpted from #pocoo just now:
[17:17] oh hey, is there a way to alias "t" to "trans" to save some space in templates?
[17:18] magicbronson: nope, but i wish there was
[17:18] feel free to open an issue on the jinja2 issue tracker
[17:18] but it's not as easy as it sounds as we need a way to also specify if it's endtrans or endt then
[17:18] and that would mean a change in the extension interface
[17:19] mitsuhiko: dumb and happy: don't auto-alias the end tag, make the user specify it explicitly?
[17:20] magicbronson: that does not help with the fact that the extensions currently explicitly search for "endtrans" in this case
[17:20] or, force it as 'endt' for consistency
[17:20] i also wanted to have /if a while ago for people switching from smarty as an option
[17:20] oh. heh.
[17:21] but it's nontrivial to implement without breaking stuff
[17:21] autoupgrading extensions is impossible currently at least

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