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Fix quoting in uri_to_iri and iri_to_uri #1433

merged 3 commits into from Jan 12, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ Unreleased
- Intermediate response bodies are iterated over even when
``buffered=False`` to ensure iterator middleware can run cleanup
code safely. Only the last response is not buffered. (`#988`_)

- :class:`test.EnvironBuilder` and :class:`test.Client` take a
``json`` argument instead of manually passing ``data`` and
``content_type``. This is serialized using the
@@ -199,6 +200,10 @@ Unreleased
incorrectly classify some frames. (`#1421`_)
- Clicking the error message at the top of the interactive debugger
will jump down to the bottom of the traceback. (`#1422`_)
- :meth:`~urls.uri_to_iri` does not unquote ASCII characters in the
unreserved class, such as space, and leaves invalid bytes quoted
when decoding. :meth:`~iri_to_uri` does not quote reserved
characters. See :rfc:`3987` for these character classes. (`#1433`_)

.. _#4:
.. _`#209`:
@@ -264,6 +269,7 @@ Unreleased
.. _#1420:
.. _#1421:
.. _#1422:
.. _#1433:
Version 0.14.1
@@ -407,3 +407,11 @@ def test_uri_iri_normalization():
assert urls.iri_to_uri(urls.uri_to_iri(test)) == uri
assert urls.uri_to_iri(urls.uri_to_iri(test)) == iri
assert urls.iri_to_uri(urls.iri_to_uri(test)) == uri

def test_uri_to_iri_dont_unquote_space():
assert urls.uri_to_iri("abc%20def") == "abc%20def"

def test_iri_to_uri_dont_quote_reserved():
assert urls.iri_to_uri("/path[bracket]?(paren)") == "/path[bracket]?(paren)"
@@ -349,11 +349,18 @@ def test_get_host_fallback():

def test_get_current_url_unicode():
env = create_environ(query_string=u"foo=bar&baz=blah&meh=\xcf")
rv = wsgi.get_current_url(env)
strict_eq(rv, u"http://localhost/?foo=bar&baz=blah&meh=\xcf")

def test_get_current_url_invalid_utf8():
env = create_environ()
env['QUERY_STRING'] = 'foo=bar&baz=blah&meh=\xcf'
# set the query string *after* wsgi dance, so \xcf is invalid
env["QUERY_STRING"] = "foo=bar&baz=blah&meh=\xcf"
rv = wsgi.get_current_url(env)
# it remains percent-encoded
strict_eq(rv, u"http://localhost/?foo=bar&baz=blah&meh=%CF")

def test_multi_part_line_breaks():
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@
from pprint import pformat
from threading import Lock

from werkzeug.urls import url_encode, url_quote, url_join, fast_url_quote
from werkzeug.urls import url_encode, url_quote, url_join, _fast_url_quote
from werkzeug.utils import redirect, format_string
from werkzeug.exceptions import HTTPException, NotFound, MethodNotAllowed, \
@@ -1230,7 +1230,7 @@ def to_python(self, value):
return value

def to_url(self, value):
return fast_url_quote(text_type(value).encode(
return _fast_url_quote(text_type(value).encode(

class UnicodeConverter(BaseConverter):
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