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(ns tikkba.examples.writefile
(:use [analemma svg charts xml]
[tikkba swing dom]
(:require [tikkba.utils.dom :as dom]))
(defn create-svg
"Creates a SVG representation with the Analemma functions"
(-> (rect 20 30 100 400 :id "rect0")
(style :fill "white" :stroke "blue" :stroke-width 10))
(-> (rect 50 250 50 80 :id "rect1")
(style :fill "white" :stroke "red" :stroke-width 10))))
(defn -main
;; Converts the SVG representation to a XML Document
;; and writes it to a file
(let [doc (svg-doc (create-svg))]
(dom/spit-xml "/tmp/rectangle.svg" doc
:indent "yes"
:encoding "UTF8")))