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This is a little and portable ecosystem for store or manage SQL and NoSQL databases using docker-compose.


Firstly you need made a copy of the next files for customize later as your preferences:

  • .env.example to .env.
  • conf/mongod.conf.example to conf/mongod.conf.
  • conf/php.ini.example to conf/php.ini.
  • conf/sql.cnf.example to conf/sql.cnf.

Using docker-compose becouse it's easy implement all.

$ cd /path-to-this-cloned-repo/dbs-admin-docker
$ docker-compose up -d

NOTE :: You can remove the argument -d if you want see the logs output of containers.

If you want remove all implement, you can use the next command;

$ docker-compose down

The panels

Once running the containers, you can see the admin panels using any browser. For this you need know the host and type with correct port into your browser. Example ( PhpMyAdmin for SQL databases) ( Mongo-express for NoSQL databases)


http://localhost:30080 ( PhpMyAdmin for SQL databases)
http://localhost:30081 ( Mongo-express for NoSQL databases)

The port can be define into .env file for both services.


You can set customized options into the file .env and optional configurations for services into ./conf/ directory. For first, you can follow the next table for understand the fields;

Environment variables summary for .env file.

Variables description default
DBS_NAME (string) Name of implementation, is irrelevant. dbs-admin
DBS_NETWORK (net) Configure a default network.
DBS_SHARED_SQL (path) Directory of SQL storage. ./databases/sql
DBS_SHARED_NOSQL (path) Directory of NoSQL storage. ./databases/nosql
DBS_SERVERS_SQL_IMAGE (image:tag) Docker of SQL server. mysql:latest
DBS_SERVERS_SQL_IP (string ip) IP of SQL server.
DBS_SERVERS_SQL_PORT (integer) Port of endpoint access. 3306
DBS_SERVERS_SQL_ROOT_PASSWORD (string) The password for root user. root
DBS_SERVERS_NOSQL_IMAGE (image:tag) Docker of NoSQL server. mongo:latest
DBS_SERVERS_NOSQL_IP (string ip) IP of SQL server.
DBS_SERVERS_NOSQL_PORT (integer) Port of endpoint access. 27017
DBS_SERVERS_NOSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD (string) The password for root user. root
DBS_PANELS_SQL_IMAGE (image:tag) Docker of PhpMyAdmin. phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin:latest
DBS_PANELS_SQL_IP (string ip) IP of PhpMyAdmin panel.
DBS_PANELS_SQL_PORT (integer) Port of endpoint access. 30080
DBS_PANELS_NOSQL_IMAGE (image:tag) Docker of Mongo-Express. mongo-express:latest
DBS_PANELS_NOSQL_IP (string ip) IP of Mongo-Express panel.
DBS_PANELS_NOSQL_PORT (integer) Port of endpoint access. 30081

Files into the directory ./conf/*

This files means a basic implement of attributes of my.cnf (sql.cnf), mongodb.conf and php.ini configuration files. You can add your rules into these files.


This is a little and portable ecosystem for store or manage SQL and NoSQL databases using docker-compose.






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