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Change impact analysis in Coq and OCaml
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Change impact analysis in Coq and OCaml.


Definitions and proofs:

Executable tool:

Checking the definitions and proofs

We recommend installing the requirements via OPAM:

opam repo add coq-released
opam install coq-mathcomp-ssreflect coq-mathcomp-fingroup

Then run:


This will build the whole project and check all the proofs.

Building the tool

First install the Coq requirements as above, then install the OCaml requirements:

opam install ocamlbuild yojson extlib

To build the regular tool, run

make impacted

To try plain change impact analysis, go to extraction/impacted and run:

./filtering.native test/new.json test/old.json

To try hierarchical change impact analysis, run:

./hierarchical.native test/new-hierarchical.json test/old-hierarchical.json

To try topological sorting, run:

./topfiltering.native test/new-topsort.json test/old-topsort.json

To build the tool with red-black trees, run:

make impacted-rbt

and look in extraction/impacted-rbt.

Coq files

Adapted and extended from work by Cohen and Thery:

  • core/extra.v: auxiliary sequence lemmas
  • core/connect.v: auxiliary connect and topological sort definitions and lemmas
  • core/kosaraju.v: implementation and correctness proof of Kosaraju's strongly connected components algorithm
  • core/tarjan.v: implementation and correctness proof of Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm

Adapted from work by Nanevski et al.:

  • core/ordtype.v: ordered type definition for the Mathematical Components library

Core definitions and lemmas:

  • core/closure.v: basic definition of transitive closures of sets
  • core/check.v: set-based definitions of dependency graphs, impactedness, and freshness
  • core/change.v: correctness argument for basic change impact analysis definitions
  • core/hierarchical.v: overapproximation strategy for change impact analysis in hierarchical systems
  • core/hierarchical_correct.v: correctness proofs for overapproximation strategy
  • core/hierarchical_sub.v: compositional strategy for change impact analysis in hierarchical systems
  • core/hierarchical_sub_correct.v: correctness proofs for compositional strategy
  • core/hierarchical_sub_pt.v: improved hierarchical compositional strategy using partition of new vertices
  • core/hierarchical_sub_pt_correct.v: correctness proofs for improved compositional strategy
  • core/acyclic.v: definition of and basic lemmas for acyclicity, parameterized acyclicity checker
  • core/kosaraju_acyclic.v: acyclicity checking based on Kosaraju's algorithm
  • core/tarjan_acyclic.v: acyclicity checking based on Tarjan's algorithm
  • core/topos.v: definitions and lemmas on topological sorting of acyclic graphs

Implementation-related definitions and lemmas:

  • core/close_dfs.v: refined sequence-based transitive closure computation
  • core/dfs_set.v: refined transitive closure computation using MSet functor (to enable red-black trees)
  • core/check_seq.v: sequence-based change impact analysis definitions, optimized topological sorting using impact analysis
  • core/check_seq_hierarchical.v: sequence-based hierarchical change impact analysis definitions
  • core/finn.v: regular instantiation of sequence-based definitions for the ordinal finite type
  • core/finn_set.v: red-black tree instantiation of sequence-based definitions for the ordinal finite type
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