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#include <unordered_map>
#include <assimp/Importer.hpp>
#include <assimp/scene.h>
#include <assimp/postprocess.h>
// #include <assimp/assimp.hpp>
// #include <assimp/aiScene.h>
// #include <assimp/aiPostProcess.h>
#include "../Game/Scene.h"
#include "../Graphics/RenderingMaterial.h"
#include "../Graphics/Mesh.h"
#include "../Dynamics/Animation.h"
namespace EG{
namespace Media{
class AssimpInterface{
AssimpInterface(EG::Game::Scene *_scene);
bool Load(std::string _file_path);
unsigned int GetMeshMaterialPairCount(void){
return count;
std::string GetMesh(unsigned int index){
return meshes[index];
EG::Graphics::RenderingMaterial *GetMaterial(unsigned int index){
return materials[index];
EG::Dynamics::Animations *GetAnimations(void){
return animations;
bool HasAnimations(void){
return has_animations;
std::string file_path;
EG::Game::Scene *scene;
const aiScene *ai_scene;
aiNode *root_node;
// Utility Functions
glm::mat4 ConvertMatrix(aiMatrix4x4 in);
aiNode *FindNode(std::string find_name, glm::mat4 &t);
// Skeletal Loaders
void LoadBones(const aiScene *ai_scene);
aiNode *FindRootBone(const aiScene *ai_scene);
void LoadSkeleton(const aiScene *ai_scene);
void BuildSkeleton(aiNode *current, EG::Dynamics::Bone *parent);
// Mesh and Material Loaders
void LoadMesh(const aiMesh *ai_mesh, unsigned int index);
void LoadMaterial(const aiMaterial *ai_material, unsigned int index);
// Animation Loaders
EG::Dynamics::Animation *LoadAnimation(const aiAnimation *ai_animation,
unsigned int index);
unsigned int count;
std::unordered_map<unsigned int, std::string> meshes;
std::unordered_map<unsigned int, EG::Graphics::RenderingMaterial *> materials;
std::map<unsigned int, std::map<unsigned int, glm::mat4> > bone_transformations;
EG::Dynamics::Animations *animations;
bool has_animations;
// Bone Name and Count Info
unsigned int bone_count;
std::vector<std::string> bone_names;
std::map<std::string, unsigned int> bone_name_map;
std::map<unsigned int, glm::mat4> bind_pose_map;
EG::Dynamics::Skeleton *bind_pose_skeleton;
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