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This project provides a Gradle task to do one thing: have a directory be the contents of a Git repo at a specified treeish. It will clone it if it doesn't exist already, check out the specified treeish, and fetch if you change the treeish to something that isn't in the current clone.

Quick start

Suppose you want the contents of to be in build/some-repo. Put this in your build.gradle:

buildscript {
  repositories {

  dependencies {
    classpath 'com.palominolabs.gradle.task:gradle-git-clone-task:0.0.2'

// use any task name you like
task cloneSomeRepo(type: com.palominolabs.gradle.task.git.clone.GitCloneTask) {
  dir = file("$buildDir/some-repo")
  uri = ''
  treeish = 'v2' // a commit hash, or tag name, or branch name (with remote prefix, like 'origin/master')

Run gradle cloneSomeRepo and presto!

Other configuration

Besides the requried dir, uri, and treeish, there are a few more things you can tweak.

Disabling ssh agent usage

By default, the task will try to load ssh keys from ssh-agent. If you want it to not try ssh-agent, set trySshAgent to false.

SSH identity private key

By default, the task looks in ~/.ssh/id_rsa for an unencrypted private key if it can't find ssh-agent. This location can be configured via sshIdentityPrivKeyPath.

SSH known hosts

By default, the task configures Jsch to look for your SSH known hosts file in ~/.ssh/known_hosts. To make it look somewhere else, set knownHostsPath to a String path.

Resetting the repo each time the task runs

If you want to do the equivalent of a git reset --hard, set reset to true.

Forcing a fetch

If you want to resolve a branch name against a remote each time the task runs rather than caching the result of previous runs, set forceFetch to true.

HTTP Authentication

HTTP authentication isn't supported because so far SSH auth has always been able to do the job. HTTP also lacks an obvious one-stop auth config solution like "just use ssh private keys".


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