Guessing game for Grace Hopper Academy Foundations
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Guessing Game

Guessing game for Grace Hopper Academy Foundations.

How to Run

This site is hosted Here

To run locally, download the contents of this repo and open index.html in a web browser.

How to Play

Try to guess the number. You have 5 guesses. You can request a Hint if you're stuck, or click Give Up to see the answer.


Allows the User to take the following actions:

  • Guess the number by clicking the Guess button or pressing Enter. (Only 5 guesses allowed per game)
  • Click Hint for a list of 3 numbers, one of which is the winning number (Only 1 hint allowed per game)
  • Click New Game button to reset the game without revealing the winning number
  • Give Up button triggers a loss when clicked

When the User wins or loses, a modal pops up saying "You Won!" or "You Lost!". The modal also displays the winning number, and allows User to click Play Again to start a new game.

Provides user feedback:

  • Shows approximately how many digits away each guess is from the winning number you are
  • Shows whether the current guess is higher or lower than the winning number
  • Shows what guesses you've already made
  • Shows how many guesses are left


This project uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

It has only been tested on Firefox 42.


Feel free to fork & make a pull request if you would like to make any changes.

Send feedback to:


If you are having issues, particularly in browsers other than Firefox, please let me know: