A pass extension to avoid printing the password to the console
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pass tail

An extension for the password store that allows to display and edit password meta data without displaying the password itself to bystanders.

password store proposes a format to store meta data in the password file. The password is stored in the first line followed by data like the URL, username and other meta data in the following lines. A common password file would look like this:

URL: *.amazon.com/*
Username: AmazonianChicken@example.com

A common use case is to copy the first line, the password, using pass show -c <password file>.

The meta data usually cannot be copied but needs to be displayed as it contains type and value.

pass tail

pass tail <password file> displays the whole password file except for the first line. This allows to inspect the meta data on the console without displaying the password in plain text:

URL: *.amazon.com/*
Username: AmazonianChicken@example.com

pass tailedit

pass tailedit <password file> opens the password file in the editor omitting the first line. When saving the first line is prepended.


  • Enable password-store extensions by setting PASSWORD_STORE_ENABLE_EXTENSIONS=true
  • Add this repo as a submodule to your password store and create a symlink to tail.bash and tailedit.bash in ~/.password-store/.extensions


pass completion currently does not support extensions.

To add completion in bash edit pass.bash-completion use this workaround:

  • add tail and tailedit to the list of commands (local commands=...)
  • add tail and tailedit to the handler for the edit command (ls|list|edit))


Contributions are always welcome.