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adds markdown wysiwym widget for textareas in djangos admin interface.
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django-admin-wmdeditor adds a markdown wysiwym editor to your textareas in djangos admin interface.

Quick installation instruction

  1. Link admin_wmdeditor/media/admin-wmdeditor in your MEDIA_ROOT as admin-wmdeditor or define WMDEDITOR_MEDIA_PREFIX and make sure, the needed files are available using the given prefix.
  2. Import WmdEditorModelAdmin from admin_wmdeditor and use this class instead admin.ModelAdmin
  3. Define wmdeditor_fields as a tuple of fields where you want to use the markdown wysiwym editor
  4. Thats it. Have fun!

Example project

This package provides a demo project, to show the usage of django-admin-wmdeditor.

  1. Go to django-admin-wmdeditor/demo_project/
  2. $ ./ syncdb and create a superuser
  3. $ ./ runserver and point your browser to
  4. Test the markdown wysiwym editor using the MyModel stuff.


The application is licensed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE File for details. The WMD Editor (Copyright by Attacklab 2007-2008) is available at

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