[Proposal] Replace syncdb with upgradedb --execute #39

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dcramer commented Mar 13, 2012

Wanted to open this for discussion. I'd like to simplify the upgradedb process, and I can't think of any reason why you'd need syncdb if you're using nashvegas.


paltman commented Mar 13, 2012

The only reason is that early on in projects nashvegas might be installed but a team might be quickly iterating on models where they are just blowing away and recreated the database frequently and running syncdb to avoid writing all the migrations. But I guess this is easily solved by either just not installing nashvegas until you are ready to create the initial migration or just comment it out from the INSTALLED_APPS list.

I'm a +1 on doing this but would like to hear what @brosner has to say.


brosner commented Mar 13, 2012

Yeah, I think this will be a decent change. Of course, I'd expect upgradedb --execute to continue working, but syncdb merely being an alias.


dcramer commented Apr 2, 2012

Are we ok with the default syncdb behavior being nashvegas, and having a some flag that tells it to use Django's?

This will make nashvegas drop-in work with the test suite (which is probably desirable). It's definitely the easiest way I have of supporting the test suite without doing what South does and patching the command.


paltman commented Apr 2, 2012

Yes. I am certainly in favor of this, especially if upgradedb -e remains in place for backwards compatibility.


paltman commented Apr 7, 2012

This has now been implemented and is in master (but not yet packaged into a release)

paltman closed this Apr 7, 2012

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