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This is what I use to package up Python (mostly Django apps) packages.


  • git clone https://paltman@github.com/paltman/python-setup-template.git
  • cd your-project-directory
  • Make sure your package is not at the root of your project directory (e.g. your-project-directory/your_package)
  • cp -r ../python-setup-template/* .
  • Doing this you should end up with a setup.py and docs/ as peers to your your_package directory.
  • Edit the docs/Makefile and change the name of the PROJECT variable to match your package name.
  • Edit the docs/conf.py and set the different variables to the approprate values.
  • Write your documentation you can use the provided stubs, but they are mostly what I use to document Django apps so I leave them in here.