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@@ -40,7 +40,11 @@ see the Configuration section below for where to place settings and get the
database running. Now you can run::
(pycon)$ python syncdb
- (pycon)$ python loaddata fixtures/initial_wakawaka.json
+ (pycon)$ python loaddata fixtures/initial_{wakawaka,boxes}.json
+The wakawaka fixtures will require a user to exist before being ran. During
+syncdb it is worth it to make a superuser account which can then be used for
+making other users staff/superusers after they sign up.
Running a web server
@@ -53,6 +57,23 @@ In development you should run::
with a ``deploy/pinax.wsgi`` which can be used with mod_wsgi and showcase how
to setup the WSGI environment if another mechanism is chosen.
+Sending mail/notification
+All mail and some notification are queued in the database to be sent later. In
+a future version of Pinax this will made much more configurable. It is best
+to setup a cron job to run these two commands every minute::
+ (pycon)$ python send_mail
+ (pycon)$ python emit_notices
+And this one every 10–20 minutes::
+ (pycon)$ python retry_deferred
+More information can be found in `Pinax deployment documentation`_.
+.. _Pinax deployment documentation:
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