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scheduler - caldav based timer on Raspbeey Pi

The idea of this project is to control different power switches via web-calender entries. I'm using Nextcloud to host the calendar, but any other server with a caldav interfce should work.

The script needs to be called regularly by a cron job to check for calender entries and schedule the switching events. The time interval for calling teh script is defined in the configuration file /etc/caltimer/caltimer.ini

Supported switched:

  • RC power plugs via 433 MHz transmitter (connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO)
  • Switch conencted directly to a GPIO port
  • Pulsed switch connected directly to the GPIO port
    • Can be used to emulate the power button of another device (I use it for my NAS)

Config file

The Python script uses an ini file to define the available swithce and some general settings. The ini file needs to be stored as /etc/caltimer/caltimer.ini


If the interval is set to 15 minutes, a cron job needs to run every 15 min as well. Best is to start the cron job about 1 min before each interval:

# calendar timer
14-59/15 *  * * *   root    /opt/caltimer/

Timer entries

For each switch time a calendar entry is added with an aritrary summary, the location containing teh switch name (as per ini file) and an optional description with extra settings. The start and end time of the calendar entry are simply the on and off time for the switch.


Some extra Python libraries used are.

On Raspbian Jessie I installed pip3 for Python3, which required some extra libraries first:

  • Install
    • sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev
  • Install pip3
    • sudo apt-get install python3-pip

RC transmitter

There are several web pages decribing how to use a cheap RF433 transmitter on Raspberry Pi. I'm using the library since this was the only one which worked with my ZAP switches. Unfortunately this library onyl provides a binary an not python code, but the main thing is that it works well ;-) The RF433 transmitter is conencted to GPIO 17 (WiringPi 0) and the receiver on GPIO 27 (WiringPi 2).

The receiver is only used to sniff the switch code if it is not known. It's not required for this scheduler script.