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== 0.9.8 / ???
* Fix bug with insertions into stdio inside bootstrap blocks
* Improve error message when <~ applied to a collection type that doesn't
support it (#316)
* Fix rescan logic for Zookeeper-backed collections (#317)
== 0.9.7 / 2013-04-22
* Avoid raising an exception when Bud is used with Ruby 2.0. There isn't
anything special that Bud itself needs to do to support Ruby 2.0, but
RubyParser doesn't properly support 2.0 yet. So using 2.0-only syntax in Bud
rules is unlikely to work (until RubyParser is updated), but no other problems
have been observed.
* Reject <= on collections from outside Bloom rules (#289, Aaron Davidson). The
previous behavior was error-prone: inserting into a scratch collection via <=
was not rejected but the inserted data would immediately be discarded at the
beginning of the next tick. Hence, it is simpler to require <+ or <~ for all
insertions from outside Bloom rules.
* Fix bug in join operators whose qualifiers reference collections defined
inside imported modules (#301)
* Fix bug in join operators when the same table and column name appears on the
LHS of multiple join predicates (#313)
* Fix bug in outer joins with multiple predicates (#315)
* Fix several bugs in rescan/invalidation logic for tables in the presence of
upstream deletions (#303)
* Fix regression in file_reader collections (#304)
* Improve chaining of notin operators
* Optimize join evaluation with multiple predicates
* Optimize notin self joins
* Improve error reporting for syntax errors on temp collections (#310)
* Add Travis CI integration hooks (#300, Josh Rosen)
* Rename lmap#apply_monotone to lmap#apply. Also, allow #apply to take either
monotone functions or morphisms, and improve error reporting.
* Add lmap#filter. This takes an lmap whose values are elements of the lbool
lattice and returns an lmap containing only those k/v pairs where the value is
* More intuitive lattice equi-join syntax (lset#eqjoin). Rather than specifying
the join predicate(s) using array indexes, instead allow them to be specified
using a hash of field names, as in traditional Bloom joins. This only works
when the lset contains Structs.
* Remove lset#project, and allow lset#eqjoin to take zero predicates; in the
latter case, eqjoin computes the Cartesian product.
* Support deletion rules (<-) with lattice values on the RHS
== 0.9.6 / 2013-02-25
* Support syntax sugar for initializing lattices (#294). For example, rather
than writing "foo <=", you can now just write "foo <=
2". Note that, due to a bug in the superator gem, you cannot use this syntax
with the <+ operator.
* Allow nested lattice values to be sent over channels (#295, patch from Josh
Rosen). Lattice values could previously be sent as a field value in a tuple
delivered over a channel, but they could not be embedded arbitrarily deeply
within tuples (e.g., lattices nested within an array could not previously be
sent as a field value).
* Support "Comparable" for Bud::Lattice values
* Add support for lattices to rebl
* Reject attempts to insert into stdio via <+ (#288)
* Restore functionality of reading from stdio (i.e., stdin) with MRI 1.9
* Improve MRI 1.8 compatibility
* Require ruby_parser >= 3.1.0
* Fix bug in bootstrap blocks for lattice values
* Fix bug in rescan/invalidation for rules that reference lattice values and use
the <+ or <~ operators (#290)
* Fix bug in rescan logic for notin operator (#291)
* Fix bug in notin operators involving self joins (#298)
* Fix error when output from a notin operator was fed into a lattice
== 0.9.5 / 2012-11-24
* Lattice branch (Bloom^L) merged
* Compatibility with recent versions of ruby_parser (3.0.2+) and ruby2ruby
(2.0.1+). Older versions of these two gems are no longer supported
* Add support for aggregate functions that take multiple input columns
* Add built-in aggregate function accum_pair(x, y), which produces a Set of
pairs (two-element arrays [x,y])
* Support user-specified code blocks in payloads(), argagg(), argmin() and
* Change behavior of BudChannel#payloads for channels with two
columns. Previously we returned a single *column* (scalar) value in this case;
now we always return a tuple with k-1 columns
* More consistent behavior for BudCollection#sort when used outside Bloom
* Restore support for each_with_index() over Bud collections
* Restore functionality of Zookeeper-backed Bud collections and fix
incompatibility with recent (> 0.4.4) versions of the Zookeeper gem
* Optimize parsing of Bloom statements, particularly for large Bloom programs
* Fix bug in argagg state materialization
* Fix bug in chaining argmin() or argmax() expressions
* Fix bug in chaining notin() expressions
== 0.9.4 / 2012-09-06
* Optimize grouping performance
* Fix regression in dbm-backed collections with MRI 1.8
* Fix regression in grouping operator with MRI 1.8 (#280)
* Fix bug in programs that applied non-monotonic operators to scratch
collections under certain circumstances (#281)
* Fix bug in "notin" with multiple qualifiers (#282)
== 0.9.3 / 2012-08-20
* Change behavior of accum() aggregate to return a Set, rather than an Array in
an unspecified order
* Fix several serious bugs in caching/invalidation of materialized operator
state (#276, #278, #279)
* Avoid possible spurious infinite loop with dbm-backed collections
* Optimize aggregation/grouping performance
* Fix bugs and improve performance for materialization of sort operator
* Fix REBL regression with push-based runtime (#274)
* Minor performance optimizations for simple projection rules
* Remove dependency on gchart
* Built-in support for code coverage with MRI 1.9 and SimpleCov
== 0.9.2 / 2012-05-19
* Add new aggregate functions: bool_and() and bool_or()
* Fix bugs in notin() stratification and implementation (#271)
* Fix a bug in processing multi-way joins defined inside modules
* Fix two bugs in reduce() operator
* Incorrect default value was sometimes returned
* Didn't handle reduce() outputs that aren't tuples with two fields
* Improve reduce() operator error reporting
* Improve MRI 1.9 compatibility
== 0.9.1 / 2012-04-10
* Reject attempts to insert a tuple into a collection with more fields than are
in the collection's schema
* Previous behavior was to ignore additional fields, but this was found to be
* Remove builtin support for BUST (web services API); this avoids the need to
depend on the json, nestful and i18n gems
== 0.9.0 / 2012-03-21
* Major performance enhancements
* Much, much faster: rewritten runtime that now uses a push-based dataflow
* Operator state is cached; only deltas are updated across ticks in many cases
* Joins that use collection keys can use collection storage for improved
* Improved compatibility: Bud now works with MRI 1.9 (as well as 1.8.7)
* Switched from ParseTree to ruby_parser
* Rewritten Bloom module system
* Tuples are now represented as Ruby Structs, rather than Arrays
* This avoids the need to define column accessor methods by hand
* Tests now use MiniTest rather than Test::Unit
* Observe the following incompatibilities:
* Support for "semi-structured" collections have been removed. That is,
previously you could store extra field values into a tuple; those values
would be collapsed into a single array that was tacked onto the end of the
* Support for Bloom-based signal handling has been removed
* Support for the "with" syntax has been removed
* The Bloom-based "deployment" framework has been removed
* Support for Tokyo Cabinet-backed collections has been removed