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Bud: Bloom under development

Welcome to the documentation for Bud, a prototype of Bloom under development.

The documents here are organized to be read in any order, but you might like to try the following:

  • A brief introduction to Bud and Bloom.
  • A quickstart to teach you basic Bloom concepts, the use of rebl interactive terminal, and the embedding of Bloom code in Ruby via the Bud module.
  • An operational view of Bloom, to provide a more detailed model of how Bloom code is evaluated by Bud.
  • A concise "cheat sheet" to remind you about Bloom syntax.
  • An overview of Bloom's modularity features.
  • Bud module methods that allow you to interact with the Bud evaluator from other Ruby threads.
  • Overview of the budvis and budplot tools for visualizing Bloom program analyses.
  • A walkthrough of the Bloom distributed filesystem.

In addition, the bud-sandbox GitHub repository contains lots of useful libraries and example programs built using Bloom.

Finally, the Bud gem ships with RubyDoc on the language constructs and runtime hooks provided by the Bud module. To see rdoc, run gem server from a command line and open

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