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Teaching materials for HTML, CSS, JS, and HTML5
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ajax Adding READMes
algorithms Fixing sort order
angular Adding READMes
apis Adding READMes
backbone New readmes
cli Update CLI slides
common moved lib/ directory files into common/ and added final exercise skel…
css3 Adding READMes
csstools Adding READMes
d3 Adding READMes
data-modeling Update index.html
dns Adding 3 more slidesets
domains Adding 3 more slidesets
exercises Fixed up indentation everywhere
git Update Git Slides
graphics media files
hosting Adding 3 more slidesets
html5 More updates
htmlcss-1day Adding READMes
htmlcss-selfpaced More self paced updates
htmlcss Removing sub index.html files, moving to one-page index, using Twitte…
javascript-selfpaced Adding index pages for self-paced workshops
javascript Adding READMes
jquery Adding READMes
jquery2 Adding READMes
jsdom New readmes
jsmvc Adding READMes
jsoo New readmes
jsreview Adding READMes
jsweb-selfpaced More self paced updates
jsweb Adding READMes
multimedia Changing video to otters
storage Adding OO slide deck
workshops Exercise solutions
.gitignore added ** to .gitignore for .DS_Store in subdirectories
README Adding initial files for
app.yaml Adding APIs (still needs to be deployed separately)
favicon.ico Adding favicon and runserver
guide.html New index
index.html More self paced updates
index.yaml Adding initial files for Adding initial files for Adding favicon and runserver
sitemap.xml Adding sitemap, room for improvement sections, removing PDF files as …
teaching-materials.sublime-project Adding JS course and changed frontpage
teaching-materials.sublime-workspace Adding JS course and changed frontpage
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