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HTML/CSS: Making webpages (Self-paced)

Online materials are hosted on Khan Academy.

Course description

In this workshop, you'll learn HTML and CSS, the languages used by the billions of webpages out there today to mark up and style content. HTML and CSS are incredibly useful skills for bloggers, content creators, email marketers, small business owners, designers, and are absolutely necessary skills frontend web developers.

This 2-day workshop will be largely "self-paced". That means that we'll start with a round of introductions and an overview, and then you'll watch videos and do coding challenges at your own pace, using Khan Academy. We will stop to work on pair projects every few hours, and we'll have TAs to answer questions and help when you get stuck.


Attendees are not expected to have any previous HTML/CSS or programming experience.

Tech requirements:

  • Your laptop (Mac, PC, or Linux) and charger.
  • Headphones.
  • A modern web browser - either Chrome or Firefox.

Topics covered:

  • HTML tags
  • HTML links, lists, media, tables
  • CSS selectors
  • CSS text properties
  • CSS and page layout