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JS 101: JavaScript fundamentals (Self-paced)

Slides and materials are hosted on Khan Academy.

Course description

JavaScript is the programming language that makes web pages interactive, and is now used these days to make servers, robots, and more. That makes it one of the most useful first languages to learn, if you're just getting started with programming, and particularly web development. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript.

This 2-day workshop will be largely "self-paced". That means that we'll start with a round of introductions and an overview, and then you'll watch videos and do coding challenges at your own pace, using Khan Academy. We will stop to work on pair projects every few hours, and we'll have TAs to answer questions and help when you get stuck.


Attendees are not expected to have any previous programming experience. To help us make the most of our time together, we ask that attendees complete the Hour of Code before the workshop.

Tech requirements:

  • Your laptop (Mac, PC, or Linux) and charger.
  • Headphones.
  • A modern web browser - either Chrome or Firefox.

Topics covered:

  • JS variables
  • JS functions
  • JS logic
  • JS loops & arrays
  • ProcessingJS functions