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This project is no longer maintained. The repo is read-only and doesn't accept new contributions. If you're interested you may fork the repo and maintain your copy.

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Free Python Books

A list of Python books in English that are free to read online or download.

Table of Contents

How the list got started

I had been learning Python for a few weeks when, in January, 2019, I stumbled upon a Reddit post in r/learnpython seeking suggestions on how to become a better programmer.

One of the comments asked for good books or websites about algorithms and data structures. I had collected links to useful Python learning resources among which the free ebook Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python, so I shared the link in a comment.

My comment got a couple dozen upvotes, which hinted at the interest in good, easily accessible Python books. Therefore I later put together a list of all the free Python books I had found and posted it to r/Python.

I was right. My post got hundreds of upvotes and several redditors contributed links to more books and lists, thus confirming the interest in such a resource. The next step was to make my list more useful and widely available by integrating it with the suggestions I got in the Reddit post, publishing it to GitHub, and expanding it with more books.

It's the list you're reading now.

What's in the list

This list includes the entries I originally posted to Reddit, the books and other lists suggested in the comments, a few more I found since then, and any I'll discover.

What's a free Python book?

My definition is fuzzy and necessarily subjective. But I'd say it's an ebook file, a book-length document, or a website structured like a book that is about Python, is written in English, and can be read online or downloaded for free. Most short online tutorials and how-to pages probably don't qualify.

But in the end I recognize a free Python book when I see one.

The entries are grouped by category or application domain and include coverage at all skill levels, from basic to advanced. Within categories the entries are sorted alphabetically by title.

Some redditors shared links to other list of free programming books, some of which are about Python. I've included them too but there's of course some overlap with mine.

Why free books?

I don't mind paid content. In fact, I also purchased great paid Python ebooks and online resources and I'm going to get more.

However, free ebooks have several advantages such as often coming in additional handy or downloadable formats. It's also easier to get books on topics you may be interested in but don't have an immediate need for.


Thanks to the redditors who contributed book suggestions and links in my original post: AlSweigart, ASIC_SP, Bisalsn, bitcoin-dude, code_x_7777m isakar-elahim, lask757, mfitzp, pvc, warbird2k.

List of free Python books




AI and Machine Learning

Computer Science

Software Engineering and best practices



Web development

Data science


Jupyter Notebook




Lists of free Python books


Each file in this repository is licensed under the CC BY 4.0 License.

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