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Artistic Neural Style Transfer on Images and Videos
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Output-Visualization.ipynb visualizing output of style transfer in grid format Jun 9, 2019
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Implementing Artistic Neural Style Transfer on Images & Videos

Jupyter Notebooks:

[1] Style-Transfer-Keras.ipynb: Keras version as described here -

[2] Style-Transfer-PyTorch.ipynb: PyTorch version as described here -

Note: PyTorch implementation requires that both content and style files have same dimensions.. 

Directory ./pytorch contains few sample content and style files resized for PyTorch, as well as the outputs generated on those..

[3] Output-Visualization.ipynb: Creates visualization of style transfer output in grid format, using MatPlotLib and PyPlot

Note: some of the notebooks may be too large in size to open in browser..

Python scripts to run style-transfer using Keras and PyTorch are available in directory ./python-scripts

Directory /styles contains sample style files

Directory /sample-images contains few sample images to test style-transfer

Directory /styled-output contains output of style-transfer on sample images

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