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	Information Extraction and Text Mining from Web / Wikipedia
	Author: Amruta Purandare
	Date Last Modified: March 31, 2017

Use python program <> to fetch an HTML page from a given url,
and convert it to plain-text format.

	Usage: python WEB_URL

File Aniston.txt is created by script <> by fetching Jennifer 
Aniston's Wikipedia Page at:

Download Stanford Parser and CoreNLP library from -

	CoreNLP Link -
	Stanford-Parser Link -

We have provided here scripts for Phrase and Relation Extraction using -

[1] Phrase-Structure Parser: 

	Directory <phrase-parser> has the code to process the output of stanford-parser
	in Phrase-Structure format. Description of these tags can be found here -

	=> <> runs stanford-parser to create the output in 
	phrase-structure format.

		Usage: ./ input-file

	=> Output of phrase-parser on Aniston.txt can be found in file: 

	=> Perl script <> processes the parser-output by extracting
	phrases from parsed text.


	=> Phrases extracted by <> on Aniston-Phrase-Parser-Output.txt
	can be found in file: Aniston-Phrases.txt

	Note: the output of <> is tab-separated and can be easily
	exported to Excel or MySQL. Simple 'grep' command on this table will extract
	phrases matching the given patterns. e.g. 

	grep "\tnominated for " Aniston-Phrases.txt
	grep "\tco-starred with " Aniston-Phrases.txt
	grep "\tlived in " Aniston-Phrases.txt
	grep "\tgraduated from " Aniston-Phrases.txt

[2] Dependency Parser:

	Directory <dep-parser> contains scripts for processing the parser-output in 
	typed-dependency format.

	=> - runs stanford-parser on given text file, to produce the output
	in dependency format.

		Usage: ./ input-file

	=> Output of dependency parser on sample file Aniston.txt can be found in file:

	=> README file in /dep-parser directory describes how to extract phrases of various
	types (e.g. verb-object, prepositions, compound-nouns, adjective-modifiers) from
	the output of dependency-parser.

	Note: phrases like "daughter of greek-born actor john aniston", "won primetime emmy 
	award", "founded production company echo films" have multiple relations, like 
	adjectives, compounds, prepositions, verb-object combined together. The scripts 
	provided in /dep-parser directory handle these complexities by extracting longer
	phrases from the simple binary-relations provided by dependency-parser.

[3] OpenIE:

	OpenIE (stands for Open Information Extraction) is already included in CoreNLP library.
	Directory <open-ie> contains the following files:

	=> - this runs the Stanford OpenIE program to extract subject-verb-object
	   relations from the given text.

	   	Usage: ./ input-file

	=> File Aniston-OpenIE-Output.txt shows phrases extracted by OpenIE on sample text file:

	Note: Presently, the coreference resolution is not handled, to resolve pronouns or 
	references like 'She', 'Her father' etc. There is an option to do so in Open-IE.