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Website for RubyOnLakes event.

Until we run website there are all details:

In shortcut there is an idea to organize a little cruise/conference event in August. #Schedule Between 9-12 AM we have some talks, then we go sail to next port, where we have 30-45m LT session and then we have party. We sleep on boats.

#CFP Cmon! Lets make speakers list together. For now we have: (alhpabetical order):

  • Andrzej Krzywda - 'when rails presenters are a smell and what to do about it'
  • Maciej Aniserowicz (guest from .Net community) - CQRS
  • Norbert Wójtowicz - "We need to talk. It's not you, it's your application architecture sensibilities."
  • Wojciech Piekutowski - TBA

Lightin talks:

  • Michał Matyas - 'Small experiment to (hopefully) improve test coverage'
  • Paweł Kondzior - 'Something about rust, if I'm allowed to talk non ruby things '
  • Adam Piotrowski - Basics of Sailing theory

#Skippers If you have papers and want to be a skipper please let me know #People Feel free to invite other devs or just your friends ;] #Sailing Those are ships we will take : #Route Sztynort -> Węgorzewo -> Sztynort #Date 29.08.2015- 31.08.2015 #Cost Cost is 1762zł per boat. Those boats are designed for 10 people, but if realy focus on comfort and stuff because f.e. you want to take your wife & children then you should go with max 8 ppl per boat. At Sztynort and Węgorzewo we will rent a place there we can have presentations. That is 100zł/hour so i assume we should get 500zł-600zł for that . Another cost are port-payments that is about 100zł per boat for whole cruise. And last cost is deposit that we should get back after cruise if we won't destroy our boats ;D (about 1000zł per boat). If we won't collect enough ruby-skippers than we have to hire some , then cost will be a little bit higher. So for person whole cost should be about 250-350zł - depends on how many people go to 1 boat. + deposit


Salining ethics rules - also that is not official event but holidays with friends from community ;]

Sign in

How can you sign in? please fill google form :

And the most important thing: This is not conference. I'm not a organization. That is a community event made by community for community. When we get advance i collect it to my personal account and handle it on my own - so i won't give you any invoices or stuff - we do it like friends. If you are whole company that really want to have invoice for boats we can handle it by redirecting you company directly for boat-rentals-company and you will rent it from them with invoice (but i`m not sure about 30% discount that we already have then). I don't know what is the limit of the boats count for now, but i assume 50ppl is max that i can handle with my organization skills ;] Any questions? Prv me there, on skype: pan_sarin, or by email .