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FBPConvNet for computed tomography
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FBPConvNet - Matlab

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Inverse Problems in Imaging


  1. Before launching FBPConvNet, the MatConvNet ( have to be properly installed. (For the GPU, it needs a different compilation.)
  2. Properly modify matconvnet path in main.m and evaluation.m files.
  3. To start, download 2 links;
    (1) pretrained network : , then put this network into 'pretrain' folder
    (2) dataset : just place this data in the same folder with main.m
  4. Use main.m for training. After training, run evaluation.m for deploy of test data set.

*note : phantom data set (x20) is only provided. SNR value may be slightly different with our paper.
*note : these codes mainly ran on Matlab 2016a with GPU TITAN X (architecture : Maxwell)
contact : Kyong Jin (,

special thanks to Junhong Min (Senior Researcher at Samsung Electronics) for providing initial codes.

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