Idealo sensor for Home-Assistant
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Idealo Sensor

Version mantained



  1. Install this component by copying the files to your /custom_components/ folder
  2. Add this to your configuration.yaml using the config options below example.
  3. You will need to restart for the component to start working
  - platform: idealo
    name: Raspberry
    product_id: 6079508
    description: "Raspberry PI 3 Model B+"
    locale: DE


key default required description
name yes The name of the sensor
product_id yes The ID of the product on idealo
description no Description of the product
locale DE no The locale of idealo, may be AT, DE, ES, FR, IT or UK


You can find the ID of the product in the URL. For example, if you search on for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and choose the product, the URL you will be redirected to should be: So the product_id is the ID in the URL: 6079508.

Due to how custom_components are loaded, it is normal to see a ModuleNotFoundError error on first boot after adding this, to resolve it, restart Home-Assistant.

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