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Tankerkoenig Lovelace Card

Version mantained



  1. Install this component by copying the tankerkoenig-card.js to your /www/ folder.
  2. Add this to your Lovelace-Configuration using the config options below example.
  3. Put the icons as *.png for the brands in the /www/gasstation_logos/ folder.
  - url: /local/tankerkoenig-card.js
    type: js
  - cards:
      - type: 'custom:tankerkoenig-card'
        name: Benzinpreise
          - e5
          - e10
          - name: Kölner Str.
            brand: ARAL
            e5: sensor.aral_kolner_str_e5
            e10: sensor.aral_kolner_str_e10
          - name: Untergath
            brand: ARAL
            e5: sensor.aral_untergath_e5
            e10: sensor.aral_untergath_e10


key values required description
name String yes Name of the card that should be shown in the frontend
show [e5, e10, diesel] yes What should be shown
stations List of stations yes List of stations


key value required description
name String yes The name of the station (for example the street)
brand String yes The brand of the station used for the icon
e5 Sensor no* Sensor for the E5 price
e10 Sensor no* Sensor for the E10 price
diesel Sensor no* Sensor for the diesel price

*only required if it should be shown


To use the icons you have to use uppercase names, which has to be the same as in the brand settings. The icons must be in *.png format.


For the brand ARAL there has to be an icon with the following path:


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