A pusher like nodejs implementation built on top of socket.io
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A pusher like nodejs implementation built on top of socket.io(http://socket.io/), to build real time apps.

It is a self hosted replacement of pusher.

It is in beta and not production ready yet.


Dependencies: Node.js(http://nodejs.org/)


express js(http://expressjs.com/)

After installing the above download the narad code, and cd into the narad folder.

Open the file public/narad.js and replace your host in the 2nd line

narad.url = ''; // replace with your host

Start the server

node server.js

Publish data to server

Sent post request to

/publish/:channel_name/:event_name data = {}

Subscribe to Channels

include the following javascript files at client

replace host:port by the host and port where you would run naiad

<script src="host:port/socket.io/socket.io.js"></script>
<script src="host:port/narad.js"></script>

Subscribing to channels

var channelName = "event";
var eventName = "chat_room"
var channel = narad.subscribe(channelName);
channel.bind(eventName, function (data) {
        console.log("data: ", data);

Running in Daemon mode

use the forever library

npm install forever -g


in the narad directory

forever start server.js

forever stop server.js

Pending Items

publishing from client

configuring the host url

Adding npm

do not pollute the global namespace

add custom port

Securtiy: Channel authentication