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doc: add release notes for Panda3D 1.10.6

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------------------------ RELEASE 1.10.6 -----------------------

This is a recommended bugfix release that adds additional stability fixes.

* Fix deployment system to work properly with pip 20
* Fix multithreading crash when garbage collecting render states (#499)
* Fix crashes when hotplugging USB device on macOS Catalina (#847)
* Fix crash when using Python OpenSSL module with wheel build of Panda3D (#851)
* Fix a memory leak in task system in Python 3 (#873)
* Fix detection for convex angles in visible geometry in collision system (#879)
* Fix regression in 1.10.4 when overriding verticalScroll_frameSize (#864)
* Fix DirectScrolledList scrollTo error in Python 3 (#880)

* Fix OpenGL shaders not being properly applied across multiple buffers
* Proper handling of texture rotations applied to normal maps (#808)
* "//Cg profile" no longer affects subsequent shader loads (#863)
* Add support for custom vertex columns when munging points to quads (#870)
* Workaround for GLSL p3d_TextureMatrix[] input giving GL error on macOS (#846)
* Fix ShaderTerrainMesh disappearing when enabling compressed-textures

* Fix MouseWatcherRegion leave event sometimes being fired twice (#858)
* Fix odd behavior when pressing multiple mouse buttons during capture (#843)
* Fix support for dead key input on some X11 servers
* Fix raw key events being sent down repeatedly when holding key on X11 (#874)
* Numpad keys are no longer included in get_keyboard_map() on X11
* Add labels to some keys in get_keyboard_map() on X11
* Properly use cursor hotspot when loading custom cursor on macOS (#845)
* Loading custom cursor on macOS now properly resolves against model-path

* unloadAnims no longer removes all control effects, only for given anims (#853)
* AnimChannelScalarTable (for morph animations) is now exposed to Python
* It's now possible to create a CharacterSlider with default value

* Fix assertion errors when model-cache-dir cannot be created (#790)
* Textures with clear colors are no longer stripped from bam files (#844)
* Support texture clear colors in bam files (requires "bam-version 6 45" in PRC)
* Fix bam2egg skinning bug for models with default poses on joints
* bam2egg supports multitexturing and multiple UV sets

Build system
* Add missing --cggl-incdir and --cggl-libdir options in makepanda
* Reduce library size by not exporting symbols of linked static libraries
* Wheels no longer unnecessarily include libpythonX.Y.a (#839)
* makepanda now auto-disables plug-ins in Config.prc that were not compiled in
* Fix refcounting of returned ReferenceCount-like objects in interrogate
* Fix inability to build a .whl on Ubuntu
* Fix erratic build failure in dcParser code
* Fix compilation using Windows 8.1 SDK

------------------------ RELEASE 1.10.5 -----------------------

This is a recommended bugfix release, especially for macOS users.

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