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@pandacoin-official pandacoin-official released this Jan 13, 2015 · 1 commit to master since this release

Initial translation of UI into zh_TW (Traditional Chinese).
New buttons to reset peers and blockchains from within settings dialog (Advanced tab) - this will make assisting anyone who has issues much smoother.
Change various asserts for bad blockchain; which forced the application to close; to instead show a clear warning dialog and then automatically reset the blockchain and resync, this is much more user friendly, although obviously a last resort as focus is still on avoiding such error conditions to begin with.
Initial support for building using c++11 support, however commented out for now will some issues are ironed out. NB! If you are building from source with c++11 enable you will need to use a version of boost with c++11 support enabled as well.
Change alert system so that there are no popups for empty alerts.
Silence the 3.0.0 upgrade alert.
Add new RPC/console command 'renameaccount' to change the name of an account in a proper way, without any negeative side effects (creating new accounts) that 'setaccount' has - 'setaccount' is kept for backwards compatibility but 'renameaccount' should be preffered.
Fix some minor issues with renaming accounts that may have caused some RPC commands to work in correctly in some cases.
Improve 'listaccounts' RPC/console command so that balances are correct in more instances, e.g. if payments have been made via UI and not just via 'sendfrom' command.
Change 'sendfrom' and 'sendmany' RPC/console commands so that they can work on either address or account names.
Change 'sendfrom' and 'sendmany' RPC/console commands so that they can take a blank 'from' account, in which case they will draw funds from all accounts in the walley as needed.
Change 'sendalert' RPC command so that it takes an optional array of 'subversions' as the final paramater - e.g. ["/Pandoshi:3.0.0/","/Pandoshi:2.6.5/"] - this way we can target specific versions in future if the need arises.
Fix some errors in --help text (Incorrect default port was showing).
Merge in some changes that will allow fow much better/clearer help text within RPC/command window.
Merge in updated and improved help/description text for most commands in RPC/command window.
Merge in some changes that allow accounts to have more information associated with them than just a name, not currently fully exposed by client but paves the way for future development.
Merge in some changes that allow for 'watch only' accounts - not yet fully enabled but paves the way to enable this in a future release.
Merge in improved logging functions, that will allow for better debug logging and fix some rare logging related issues when closing client.
Various other minor code refactoring/improvements.
Merge in some minor security improvements - wipe RNG number data from memory immediately in some instances where it was not.
Merge in random number improvement that improves coin selection when making payments.
Various minor code changes to get a new testnet running, testnet is configured in such a way that it will overtake and stay ahead of main chain to help spot any future issues in advance.
Turn IRC node discovery off by default for testnet.

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@pandacoin-official pandacoin-official released this Dec 12, 2014 · 7 commits to master since this release

Fix an issue that was leading to small font sizes on some OSX systems.
Make toolbar menu icons visible on OSX systems.
Initial translation of UI into zh_CN (Simplified Chinese).
New command line option -qm that can be used to give an abolute path to a .qm localistation file (generater by qt-linguist) - this is useful for UI translators who want to test their translations.
Speed improvement for 'verify' phase of hybrid syncing.
Fix an issue - for hybrid mode - that was causing invalid stakes for some users.
Improve some text/messages within UI and ensure text/messages that could not be localist can now be localised, to allow for full localisation by translators.
Allow translators to select the UI fonts they want used as each language should ideally have its own fonts rather than blindly using the same fonts.
Fix a UI issue with transaction grid 'summary header' whereby some of the balances would, in some instances, no longer be visible if shrinking a maximised window.
Replace with as blockchain explorer.
Fix an issue in 'transfer pane' where holding down the mouse over 'add another button' would incorrectly perform the action multiple times.
Fix some usability issues in transfer pane UI, inform user if trying to make a payment with no from address selected, better error message if balance is short due to staking and other minor changes.

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@pandacoin-official pandacoin-official released this Nov 17, 2014 · 10 commits to master since this release

New light mode, which works only on headers and latest blocks and is unable to stake - similar to 'light' clients offered by several other coins.
New hybrid mode, which is something new to the crypto world, starts off by doing the equivalent of 'light' mode and then rapidly downloads the rest of the blockchain allowing the user to stake and be fully
secure. A full blockchain download via this method is much faster than with a classic client.
New 'classic' mode which is essentially the same as what previous wallets were.

IO: Fix regression in 2.1.2 - Clicking an account name in overview page was not jumping to transaction grid, it now does this properly again.
CORE: Change console command "getbalance account" so that it returns a meaningful balance instead of always returning 0. (Only works on
top level accounts for now)
CORE: Change console command(s) "sendfrom" and "sendmany" to reuse new codebase and work in a more correct manner. They were incorrectly taking money from accounts other than the one specified in the command line.
App: Default account created with name "My account" instead of no name when creating a new wallet.
UI: Update icons and logo for cleaner look.
UI: Tweak minimum size a little to prevent glitches with small window sizes.
UI: Improve progress messages.

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@pandacoin-official pandacoin-official released this Sep 19, 2014 · 12 commits to master since this release

Wallet no longer loses its staking status when doing an action that requires a full unlock, 'unlock for staking' is preserved across actions.
Add a right click context menu to portfolio overview so that account address can be easily copied.
Fix color issues on systems with 'non standard' color themes.
Cap the 'transaction fee' setting in options dialog at 100PND to prevent users accidentally setting it to high.
Fixes to transaction history in some problem cases where transaction history was incorrect.
Show fee transactions seperately so th at transaction history is less confusing and more like a regular bank account.
Fix problem on rare machines where transaction view table would expand to infinite width.

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